Health Benefits of Physical Exercise For Children

There are many health benefits of physical exercise for children. The government recommends 1 hour per day exercise for children over the age of 5.

What are the benefit of getting your children up and moving? You can help your child’s bones, joints, and muscles get healthier, while also helping their lung and heart health. You can improve their coordination and strength, while keeping them at a healthy body weight. Your child can become more flexible and improve their balance and posture. Exercise helps their concentration and thinking skills and can prevent chronic diseases developing later in life.

But, how do you get your child up and moving? You can start by making exercise apart of your day by walking to school or washing the car. Another way to get your child active is by choosing activities they like, while not choose a variety of activities for them to do so they do not get bored easily. Why not get involved with your child and make the activity for the whole family.

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