kids bouncy castle hire

kids bouncy castle hire

So your looking to hire a bouncy castle for your children but can’t decide what to get? Well at Adelaide Bouncy Castles we are here to help, below are some tips to help you choose which castle to hire for your children.

Tip1: What do your kids like? I know this sounds like an obvious question but finding out the interests of your children is an incredibly helpful way to help choose which jumping castle is best to hire for your child. If your child likes action heroes, adventure and cartoons then our batman or toy storey castles are a good pick. These castles showcase two of some of the most famous children heroes around today – batman, woody and buzz lightyear. Get your little boy into a batman costume and get them jumping around in the batman castle and sit back and watch your son have the time of his life. Does your little girl like to be a princes? Then our princess carriage bouncy castle is the choice to go with.

Just by observing or asking your children interests can make your choice easier when selecting the jumping castle you think your child will enjoy the most.

Tip2: How much room do you have outside or inside for the jumping castle? Obviously a bouncy castle has to go somewhere (none of us like the idea of it floating away) so doing a quick measurement of the space available for the jumping castle and browsing our selection (or give us a call to inquire) is one way to help choose which castle is most suitable. There is of course nothing worse than to hire a castle, have the delivery man arrive to your home or venue only to discover the jumping castle can’t fit in the area allocated. Thank goodness that can easily be avoided as Adelaide Bouncy Castle prides itself on be willing to help you make the right choice to avoid any disappointment.

Tip3: What will the weather be like on the day? Some bouncy castles have better cover from the elements than others, or some are more suitable for different climates than the rest. Going to be a hot day, then a jumping castle with a level of shading is a good idea and even one with a water slide to keep the kids cool and having lots of fun. Once again we are happy to help you select which castle will be most suitable to the weather for your kids day.

So by asking three simple questions, “What do your kids like?” “How much room do you have?” and “What will the weather be like?” you can narrow down the range to find the bouncy castle to hire most suitable for your kids. Use the link below to browse our range of bouncy castle or call us today to make your booking.

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  1. This is great fun for children up to 12 years of age. With its activity theme this great fun bouncy castle has a small climbing tower, lockness monster inflatable and mini slide to make it a truly active bouncy castle for the more adventurous children.


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